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Champion Aerospace Technical Bulletins & Technical Publications are available to help aviation technicians stay on top of any ignition or filter repair project for piston and turbine application.

For technical questions or advice:

Commercial Turbine Support
Scott Thobe: 864.843.5376

Business/Military Turbine Support
Rick Busch: 864.843.5317

Piston Support
Zach Lincolnhol: 864.436.9895

Magneto Support
Joe Logie: 904.772.1909

Power Supply Support
Ross Hartney: 864.843.5305

Technical Bulletins

Champion Aerospace Technical Publications

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Champion Aerospace Publications is a separate entity service that handles the orders and distribution of Champion Aerospace Technical Manuals and Publications. These publications are available for purchase through our vendor GGS Information Services.

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Phone: 717-764-2222

Spark Plug Maintenance

Champion Aerospace is a leader in piston and turbine ignition and filtration products.

-The Complete Ignition System
-Spark Plugs
-Oil Filters

See AV-6R Manual

This service manual presents recommended service, handling and reconditioning practices to assure economic, satisfactory operation from Champion Aerospace spark plugs and oil filters. Proper service and handling can help lengthen the time between replacement periods, while reducing unscheduled or emergency replacements.

Included are ways to analyze spark plug performance through examples of adverse effects from certain engine operating conditions. You will also find application information and spark plug type selection criteria, as well as useful references to supplemental Champion publications.

Spark Plug/Oil Filter Chart

Find your Champion Aerospace Spark Plug or Oil Filter (PDF)

Aviation Spark Plug & Oil Filter Chart

FAA/PMA Approved
Champion Aerospace products are manufactured in accordance with standards established by the Federal Aviation Administration.