Business Aircraft

When it comes to business aircraft, reliability and trust are two key components. Business jets tend to carry some very important cargo, and time and safety are paramount. Private jet technicians trust in Champion Aerospace products for quick start-ups and trouble-free operation.

Champion has revolutionized the turbine engine ignition system with our technical advancements in exciters and ignition leads. Our systems offer lower cost of ownership, long life, high reliability and solid-state technology that are proven improvements for the modern commercial airliners. We use precious metals as well as corrosion-resistant and high temperature alloys so our igniters can withstand the extreme environments seen in the modern jet engine combustors. The evolution of Champion exciters has moved forward in the last decade, as we have pioneered new circuitry and anti-vibration designs that created industry-leading reliability for our partners. Our leads use a variety of designs, including air-cooled. Our patented inner braid creates world-class reliability. Coupled with our igniters, the system has very little leakage.

Champion Exciters and Ignition Leads can be found on these business planes:

  • Beechcraft Corporation
  • Bombardier Business Aircraft
  • Cessna Aircraft
  • Dassault Aviation
  • Embraer Executive Jets
  • Gulfstream Aerospace
  • Learjet
  • Piaggio