Industrial Gas Turbine

Turbines power more than aircraft – they generate power for most power plants used today, and many of these are ignited with Champion Ignition Systems.

Champion utilizes aero engine technology and pedigree in its industrial system designs. Champion offers a broad range of inductive or capacitive discharge ignition system configurations to support single or multi-fuel applications, high or low voltage applications and small or very large gas turbine installations.

Champion also provides hazardous Location (HAZLOC) certifications with its ignition systems. Champion has a well-established solid state ignition system designs that are CSA/ATEX/IECEx certified. These designs can be used as configured or repackaged to meet the any customer specification.

Champion has a low-tension ignition system design that is currently CSA/ATEX / IECEx certified. Current lead models include lengths up to 32 feet with longer lengths possible. This system can be seamlessly used with a modified igniter design to fit any customer application to minimize program costs. Benefits of a low voltage ignition system include:

  • Best suited for multi-fuel applications
  • The igniter spark gap is unlikely to quench under wet conditions and will not quench under pressurized conditions
  • There is less electrical stress on components and significantly higher operating voltage margin
  • In many cases components can be made smaller which reduces weight, cost and complexity
  • Lower radiated emissions

Champion’s well established Ignition System is used successfully on multi-fuel (including marine diesel) military and industrial applications (RB211, Trent and Avon Industrial). Champion also has ignition system content on Siemens, Solar and GE Power and Water applications.

ATEX certification