Champion Aerospace designs and manufactures a full range of aerospace ignition leads for turbine engine applications. New ignition leads from Champion Aerospace are available for a wide range of turbine engines, from small turbine APU applications to the large commercial turbofan engines. Notable large commercial engine lead applications include:

  • Rolls-Royce Trent 900 (Airbus A380), Trent 1000 (Boeing B787) and Trent XWB (Airbus A350)
  • Pratt & Whitney PurePower®, JT-8D, PW2000 and PW4000
  • General Electric/CFMI CFM56, CF6, CF34
  • IAE V2500

Champion brand leads are designed and constructed to offer the most effective and efficient conduit between the engine exciter and igniter. They offer higher delivered energy than similarly constructed competitive brands, with less flashover, greater shielding, and increased airflow in air-cooled leads. Champion’s air-cooled ignition leads feature patented designs that will assure maximum cooling airflow throughout the service life of the lead and longest on-wing life capability when installed with Champion designed igniters. Champion also provides hazardous Location (HAZLOC) certifications with its ignition systems. Champion has a well-established ignition lead designs that are CSA/ATEX/IECEx certified. These designs can be used as configured or repackaged to meet the any customer specification.

  • Contact Assemblies – Material selection provides durable igniter-to-lead and exciter-to-lead interface that resists contact arcing
  • Conduit Designs- Material selection to optimize EMI shielding and durability concerns; Champion Patented air-cooled conduit design prevents know competitive design innerbraid collapse that leads to reduced cooling air flow and ultimately thermally degraded components
  • Conductor Designs- High Voltage designs utilize MIL-DTL-3702 compliant conductor wire to survive service temperatures up to 450°F (232°C); Low Voltage designs use Champion designed configurations to survive service temperatures up to 572°F (300°C).
  • Lengths- Currently support lead lengths from less than 1 foot to 40 feet

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