At Champion Aerospace, we are always looking for innovative designs and products to enhance the performance of your aircrafts ignition system. Add SureSTART Ignition Boosters to our list of high performance ignition products. SureSTART provides up to 340% more starting energy to boost magneto output for improved:

  • Hot Starts
  • Cold Starts
  • Flooded Starts
  • Normal Starts

STC approved for 99% of all general aviation aircraft, SureSTART has been designed and tested to work in conjunction with conventional magneto systems. SureSTART does not affect the procedures or intervals for inspection, maintenance or overhaul of the magnetos and harness with which it interfaces.

With the exception of a noticeable improvement in engine starting, SureSTART operation is transparent to the aircraft owner/pilot. Requiring less than an hour to install, no modifications to the aircraft flight manual or engine starting procedures are required.

“Every fuel injected engine should have one of these” – SureSTART Customer (Lake Amphibian)