Champion Aerospace Model 28VUPS29FSPD is an uninterruptible power supply with an integrated transient voltage surge suppression (Surge Protection Device (SPD)) circuit specifically designed for airborne applications.
The UPS provides bridge power to mission equipment during AC bus transfers, low voltage sags, and other AC/DC interruptions. This allows utilization equipment to maintain full operational capability and “ride through” these interrupts. The device also provides transient voltage surge suppression during harmful high voltage transients to prevent catastrophic system failures. This UPS device is compatible with all power converters and plays a vital role in preserving the life of utilization equipment. Designed to meet MIL-STD-704 (A-F) for Aircraft Electrical Power, the 28VUPS29FSPD is the latest development of a complete line of uninterruptible power supplies produced by Champion Aerospace, LLC.

28 Volts DC Ampere Rating Part Number Topology
50 28VS50Y-12 TRU
50 28VS50Y-30 PCTRU
100 28VS100Y-10C TRU
120 28VS120Y-1, -2, -3, -5 TRU
120 28VS120Y-7 PCTRU
200 28VS200Y-4D TRU
200 28VS200Y-32 TRU
240 28VS240Y-31 TRU
240 28VS240Y-33 PCTRU
240 28VS240Y-34 PCTRU
240 28VS240Y-36 PCTRU
300 28VS300Y-35 PCTRU

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