Champion Aerospace is preparing for the age of the More Electric Aircraft (MEA) or All Electric Aircraft (AEA) by transforming its highly pedigreed 28VDC Transformer Rectifier Unit (TRU) to a 270VDC or 540VDC Power Supply system to support operation of new electromechanical equipment that will replace traditional pneumatic or hydraulic power. This operating voltage provides improved electrical efficiency, drives lower aircraft weight, improves aircraft safety/reliability and provides positive environmental impacts. 270VDC is accomplished by rectifying the traditional 3 phase 115VAC 400Hz line-to-line voltages via typical AC-DC conversion methods that meet requirements of MIL-STD-704.

270VDC Power Supply Key Design Parameters:

Voltage Regulation: 270 Volts DC (260-280 Volts DC)
Min/Max Normal Transients: 250/280 Volts DC at 40ms
Ripple Voltage: 6 Vpk maximum
Cooling: Self-cooled (Fan or Blast Air) or Free Convection Cooled Versions
Power: 270VDC Typical Range for aircraft applications is 5 to 450 amps; MEA applications could be considerably higher power.

The 270VDC Power Supply may also be used in conjunction with a 270VDC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) attached to the bus for critical mission equipment affected by AC bus transfers, low voltage sags, and other AC/DC interruptions. This allows utilization equipment to maintain full operational capability and “ride through” these interrupts. The device can also provide transient voltage surge suppression during harmful high voltage transients to prevent catastrophic system failures. This UPS device is compatible with all power converters and plays a vital role in preserving the life of utilization equipment.

270VDC UPS Key Design Parameters:

Output Voltage: 270 Volts DC (250-280 Volts DC)
Cooling: Self-cooled
Disconnect Time: 70 Seconds
Disconnect Voltage: 230 Volts DC

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