Liberty, SC– Champion understands a competitive, FAA/DER approved maintenance and overhaul
manual is currently in use for repairs and overhauls of Slick by Champion magnetos. Several
companies are using this FAA/DER manual to overhaul Slick magnetos. This manual does not
require replacement of all of the parts called out in the Slick by Champion L-1363 Magneto
Maintenance and Overhaul Manual. The FAA/DER manual specifically approves reuse of the coil,
impulse coupling, and distributor block assembly. It also approves replacement of many OEM parts
with PMA’d aftermarket parts at TBO. These aftermarket parts may not be designed,
manufactured or procured to stringent aerospace requirements like Slick by Champion’s
ISO9001/AS9100 compliant Quality Management System.

As the manufacturer of these products with 50+ years experience in the operation and
maintenance of magnetos, we clearly state that these parts must be removed from service at TBO
to ensure that the newly overhauled magneto has the greatest opportunity to satisfactorily reach
the next TBO interval. It has also been pointed out that some overhaulers are using cannibalized,
“serviceable” used stock during these overhauls. This is not allowed per the L-1363 and will almost
certainly not allow the magneto to run to TBO. Champion has determined some parts having date
code markings 30 years old are being installed in “new overhauls”. There are no established
component level tests that can determine serviceability and remaining life capability.

Champion strongly recommends that you purchase only Slick by Champion manufactured parts
and adhere to the requirements in the L-1363 manual when installing these parts. Champion also
discourages the purchase of FAA/DER overhauled magnetos as these magnetos have been found
to contain “serviceable” used parts. An important part of your engine’s smooth and safe operation
is at stake. This reduces the risk and added cost of premature failure resulting in enjoyable and
safe operation of your aircraft.

About Champion Aerospace-
Champion Aerospace LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of TransDigm Group (NYSE:TDG), is a
leading global designer, producer and supplier of aircraft ignition system technology and airframe
power solutions for use on nearly all commercial, piston and military aircraft in service today.
Champion ignition components powered the Wright brothers first powered flight in 1903 and have
continued to power the skies ever since.