Liberty, SC – Champion Aerospace LLC announced today a significant investment in Automated
Optical Inspection capabilities to further ensure the best quality products for its customers. Each
year Champion Aerospace associates build tens of thousands of printed circuit board assemblies
containing hundreds of thousands of solder joints. Associates then spend significant time
inspecting those joints for a variety of criteria. No human visual inspection is 100% accurate and
the time spent on inspections accounts for hundreds of tiring hours per year. Technology has
provided us with a better way to accomplish this difficult and repetitive task; Automated Optical
Inspection (AOI).

We’ve recently installed new automation system intelligence with multiple cameras that are able to
capture images of the parts and solder joints from different angles. It then determines if they meet
the required standards for missing solder, part registration, lifted leads, part polarity and a multitude
of other potential defects. “This is one of the most advanced systems available and allows us to
reduce operator fatigue, yield more accurate inspections, and produce even better-quality parts.
This is yet another investment that Champion is making to ensure we provide our customers with
the best possible quality products.”, says Chris Alfonso, Director of Operations.

About Champion Aerospace-
Champion Aerospace LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of TransDigm Group (NYSE:TDG), is a
leading global designer, producer and supplier of aircraft ignition system technology and airframe
power solutions for use on nearly all commercial, piston and military aircraft in service today.
Champion ignition components powered the Wright brothers first powered flight in 1903 and have
continued to power the skies ever since.