2500A Gap Setting Tool

A precision gap-setting tool for all massive-electrode Champion spark plugs. Permits simultaneous adjustment of two opposite prongs without removing the spacing gauge. Designed for permanent installation on bench or heavy wooden board. Complete with accessories and gauges listed below, instructions for use. Packed individually, partially assembled.

Accessories Packaged in Model 2500A Gap Setting Tool

Ten GT-1-17L Spacing Gauge (.015-.019/0.40-0.50mm)
One GT-1-27 Spacing Gauge Handle Assembly

Replacement Parts For 2500A Gap Setting Tool

Note: Parts not listed are either standard or not normally required.
CT-458-2 – Lever
CT-458-3 – Toggle Link
CT-458-4 – Toggle Arm (Long Top Arm)
CT-458-5 – Toggle Pin
CT-458-6 – Stationary Finger
CT-458-7 – Stationary Finger Support
CT-458-10 – Upper Collet Bushing
CT-458-11 – Centering Bushing
CT-458-12 – Collet Adjustment Bushing
CT-458-13 – Spring Pin
CT-458-15 – Finger Pin
GT-1-17L – Spacing Gauge (0.15)/0.40mm
GT-1-17J – (.018)
GT-1-27 – Spacing Gauge Handle Assembly
Size: 6 in. X 5 1/2 in. X 6 in./15.2 X 13.9 X 15.2cm (Handle: 9 1/2 in./24.1cm long)
Shipping weight: 5 1/2 lbs./2.49kg.