CT-457 Fine Wire Gap Setting Tool

Designed exclusively for adjusting fine wire electrode spark plug gaps. Two sizes of slots fit all platinum or iridium ground electrodes for quick, safe adjustment. Red plastic case.

Size 2 1/4 in. X 2 in. X 1/4 in./5.7 X 5.0 X 0.63cm
Packed individually, weight 1/2 oz./14g

CT-450 Retractable Gap Gauge

High impact red plastic case contains 4 sets of accurate retractable go and no go wire gauges:
-Two sets: .015-.019 (.016 Nom.)/ 0.40-0.50mm
-Two sets: .018-.022 (.019 Nom.)/ 0.45-0.55mm

Replacement package of 4 wire gauge sets complete as described above. Order Part No. CT-450-WG.

Size: 3 1/2 in./8.9cm long
Weight 1 1/4 oz./35g

CT-449 Thread Clean-Out Tool

For cleaning aircraft engine spark plug 18mm bushings to assure correct installation of new or overhauled spark plugs. Regular 7/8″/2.22cm hex fits spark plug sockets. Precision ground threads, three deep flutes retain carbon debris. Packed individually with instructions for use.

Approximately 4″ long/10.1cm
Weight 7 oz./198g.

CT-446 & CT-446-18 Spark Plug Tray

Sturdy steel tray holds up to 12 or 18 aviation spark plugs. Speeds handling of used or new plugs. Holes numbered to correspond with engine cylinders. Protects against shielding barrel contamination. Flat rubber, non-slip pads.

Approximately 5 in. X 8 in. X 3 1/2 in./ 12.7 X 20.3 X 8.9cm wide
Weight 1 lb./0.453kg

CT-415AV Gap Setting Tool

7/8″ Industrial Thread Adapter w/ CT-466
A low-cost efficient gap setting tool for closing gaps on massive electrode-type aviation spark plugs. Designed for use as a hand tool, for mounting on a bench, or to be held in a vise. Complete with one adapter for 18mm spark plugs only (Part No. GT-204) and one CT-450 gap gauge. Also includes GT-208 adapter for regapping REM37BY plugs.

Size: approximately 7 1/2 in./19.5cm high
Packed individually, shipping weight 1 1/2 lbs./0.68kg.

91893 Abrasive Compound

No. 91893 abrasive compound replaces #533 abrasive in all Champion spark plug cleaner units. Cleaners formerly using the #533 abrasive will require two bags of 91893 to fully charge the unit.

1. Use two bags of 91893 abrasive to fully charge Champion 2400, 800H, 800E and 700 cleaners.
2. Use one bag of 91893 to fully charge the CT475AV cleaner/tester.
#622 nozzle tip sold separately.

52243 Crimping Tool

A special tool used to crimp turbine ignition lead contacts to the unshielded center wire.

Shipping weight:14.4 oz./408g.

2612 Spark Plug Thread Lubricant

A high-temperature, graphited lubricant for application to spark plug installation threads to prevent galling and seizure. Sturdy plastic 4 fl. oz. bottle with brush attached to cap.

Size: 5 5/8 in. X 7 1/4 in. X 5 1/4 in./14.4 X 18.4 X 13.3cm
Shipping weight: (carton of 12): 4 lbs./1.814kg.

2600A Domestic Spark Plug Vibrator Cleaner

The Champion vibrator cleaner has been designed to clean fine-wire or massive-electrode spark plugs that accumulate heavy lead-compound deposits. Such deposits are virtually impossible to remove with standard abrasive cleaners.
• Quick-change cleaning head assemblies
• Easy replacement of single cutter blades
• Powerful vibrator drive unit for reliability and long life
• Flexible rubber mounting for portable or permanent bench installation


Height: 5 1/4 in; Width: 4 1/4 in.
Depth: 7 1/2 in./13.4 X 10.8 X 18.7cm
Shipping Weight: (incl. accessories) 7 lbs./3.2kg
Carton Size: 8 in. X 8 in. X 8 in./ 20.0 X 20.0 X 20.0cm
Electrical Requirements: 110V 60Hz
CT-435A Assembly
Fine Wire and Two Prong

Replacement Parts List

2600-4 Switch
2600-6 Adjustment Stud
2600-7 5/16 – 18 Stop Nut
2600-10 Vibrator Damper
2600-11 Vibrator Unit
2600-19 #8-32 X 1/4 Set Screw
Contact Champion for parts other than those listed.
Accessory Parts List
Quantity Description Champion P/N
1 each Vibrator Drive Unit
1 each Single Head Assembly A CT435A
10 each (1 pkg) Full Cutter Blades CT-435F
1 each 9/64 Allen Wrench

2500A Gap Setting Tool

A precision gap-setting tool for all massive-electrode Champion spark plugs. Permits simultaneous adjustment of two opposite prongs without removing the spacing gauge. Designed for permanent installation on bench or heavy wooden board. Complete with accessories and gauges listed below, instructions for use. Packed individually, partially assembled.

Accessories Packaged in Model 2500A Gap Setting Tool

Ten GT-1-17L Spacing Gauge (.015-.019/0.40-0.50mm)
One GT-1-27 Spacing Gauge Handle Assembly

Replacement Parts For 2500A Gap Setting Tool

Note: Parts not listed are either standard or not normally required.
CT-458-2 – Lever
CT-458-3 – Toggle Link
CT-458-4 – Toggle Arm (Long Top Arm)
CT-458-5 – Toggle Pin
CT-458-6 – Stationary Finger
CT-458-7 – Stationary Finger Support
CT-458-10 – Upper Collet Bushing
CT-458-11 – Centering Bushing
CT-458-12 – Collet Adjustment Bushing
CT-458-13 – Spring Pin
CT-458-15 – Finger Pin
GT-1-17L – Spacing Gauge (0.15)/0.40mm
GT-1-17J – (.018)
GT-1-27 – Spacing Gauge Handle Assembly
Size: 6 in. X 5 1/2 in. X 6 in./15.2 X 13.9 X 15.2cm (Handle: 9 1/2 in./24.1cm long)
Shipping weight: 5 1/2 lbs./2.49kg.