Mar 20

The function of the aviation piston engine ignition system is to provide an electrical spark to ignite the fuel/air mixture in the engine cylinders. The ignition system of the engine is a separate system and is not part of the airplane’s overall electrical system. The magneto type ignition system is used on most reciprocating aircraft engines. Magnetos are engine-driven self-contained units that supply electrical current without using an external source of current. Magnetos are frequently not maintained to requirements specified in L1363 Manual- 4300/6300 Series Magneto Maintenance and Overhaul Manual, probably because they’re so reliable and all engines have a redundant magneto. Magnetos need regular maintenance, and the consequences of neglect can be devastating.

Modern airplane engines are required by to have a dual ignition system – that is, two separate magnetos to supply the electric current to the two spark plugs contained in each cylinder. One magneto system supplies the current to one set of plugs, while the second magneto system supplies the current to the other set of plugs. The airplane’s double ignition system provides better performance because of more efficient combustion and a higher level of safety through redundancy.

Champion Slick magnetos have applications on nearly all piston engines and are known for the following design features:

  • Smaller and lighter unique design allowing for a dimensionally smaller magneto,
    resulting in easier installation and lighter weight- as much as one pound lighter than competitive magnetos.
  • Radio noise suppression- Slick magnetos feature superior noise suppression, eliminating the need for magneto filters.
  • Easy to maintain- Slick magnetos use up to 50% fewer parts than the competitive aircraft magnetos. In addition, 70% of the parts in any Slick magneto are interchangeable with the comparable parts in other current production Slick magnetos.

Slick magnetos are engineered so that mechanical parts wear at a balanced rate. Consistent and complimentary wear patterns establish the recommended maintenance intervals defined in Champion Aerospace service literature, so used and service-worn parts should never be used to troubleshoot or repair a magneto, nor should original parts be replaced by used service worn parts on magnetos being returned to service.

Further, non-Champion Aerospace manufactured parts may wear at uneven and different rates than original Champion Aerospace manufactured parts, making Champion Aerospace service literature an inappropriate guide to proper maintenance. Parts not manufactured by Champion Aerospace, even if FAA/PMA Approved, may not fit or operate like original Champion Aerospace manufactured parts. FAA testing of PMA parts does not require operation on an engine or flight tests and does not require the test duration to exceed the maintenance intervals called out in Champion Aerospace literature. For these reasons, used service worn parts or parts not manufactured by Champion Aerospace may adversely affect magneto reliability in ways not anticipated by Champion Aerospace and its service literature.

Genuine Champion Aerospace parts are produced and inspected under rigorous procedures to ensure airworthiness and suitability in Slick magnetos. Parts purchased from sources other than Champion Aerospace (even though outwardly identical in appearance) may not have had the required tests and inspections performed, may be different in fabrication techniques and materials, and may be dangerous when installed in a Slick magneto. Salvaged magneto parts, reworked parts obtained from non-Champion Aerospace approved sources, or parts the service history of which is unknown or cannot be authenticated may have been subjected to unacceptable stresses or temperatures or have other hidden damage, not discernible through routine visual or usual nondestructive testing techniques. This may render service work with this part, even though originally manufactured by Champion Aerospace, unsuitable or unsafe for use in a Slick magneto. Champion Aerospace expressly disclaims any responsibility.

Slick magnetos can also be economically serviced at 500-hour intervals. To ensure their reliability, all AD’s are complied with and the following high wear parts are replaced:

  • Brush
  • Capacitor(s)
  • Points
  • Rotor Gear
  • Impulse Spring (as applicable)

For aircraft that operate in demanding environments, use Champion SlickSTART™ technology. Cold Start, Hot Start, Any Start- SlickSTART™. SlickSTART unleashes a firestorm of ignition energy to get your engine started under the worst environmental conditions. SlickSTART is so effective, even sub-optimal fuel mixtures and seriously fouled spark plugs won’t stop the capacitive discharge output from providing the ignition boost your engine needs for reliable starts under demanding conditions. SlickSTART’s sure starting power:

  • Delivers up to 340% more spark energy to your plugs during starting
  • Increase output voltage by more than 30%
  • Overcomes poor engine priming
  • Reduces costly electrical stress to your battery and starter
  • Is approved for use with Slick Magnetos

Plus, it’s inexpensive and easy to install. Just add SlickSTART to your impulse coupled magnetos or replace your antiquated starting vibrator.

  • Champion Slick Magnetos make timing, installation, inspection, and maintenance simpler and more convenient than ever before. We also incorporated mechanic-endorsed features to improve performance and service life.
  • Lift-off housing – Internal timing is not disturbed during inspections.
  • Simplified internal timing – Improved internal markings and unique Slick E-gap tool make timing easier and more accurate.
  • Fully sealed bearings – Keeps contaminants out and grease in for smoother operation and less maintenance.
  • Lower EMI Levels – Redesigned housing improves sealing and results in less radio noise.
  • OEM Approved – Models are available for more than 225,000 engines – all compatible with existing Slick Ignition Harnesses.

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Mar 20

Tests show that Champion High Performance Oil Filters protect your engine up to 30% more than competitive filters. In fact, in most cases competitive filters don’t even meet the minimum SAE ARP1400B standard for filtration efficiency.

Champion brand spin-on oil filters and element filters incorporate a semi-depth filter media. The filters combine the advantages of both surface and depth-type filtration: high filtering efficiency, controlled porosity for uniform flow, water resistance, and the resistance to impulse and flow fatigue.

Champion brand oil filters are known to keep dirt and harmful particles from damaging your engine. Plus, no other filters on the market have Champion’s unique, resin-impregnated, full-pleat design — 8.2 feet of layered protection for your engine.

Champion Full Flow Oil Filters are designed to supply a continuous flow of filter-clean oil to vital engine parts. Champion’s Strata-Kleen filter media is a full-pleat, resin-impregnated cellulosic micronic filter media designed to trap all harmful particles including metallic chips resulting from abnormal wear. Because the oil flows through many layers of locked in fibers, there is no migration of fiber material to clog engine oil passages or affect bearing surfaces. Industry-approved tests prove that Champion oil filters trap and hold more dirt and harmful particles during its normal operating time than any other similar filter.

In addition, customers have told us the height of a standard oil filter can make it difficult for them to install the filter in certain engine applications. So, operating on the premise that size really does matter, we made our Champion oil filter can 1/2” shorter and added design improvements to make our filters stronger and more effective than ever before.

The filter media surrounds a corrugated steel center support tube, which provides support for each convoluted pleat of filter media and adds significant protection from filter collapse-pressure failure, especially during cold-start engine conditions.

Champion offers two types of oil filter cartridge to cover all existing aircraft piston engine lube oil system applications.

  • Replacement elements service engine-mounted or line-installed filter systems incorporating a permanent housing assembly.
  • All sizes of replacement elements are packed 12 per case of a single part number in heavy, re-shippable corrugated-board cartons
  • Modern spin-on oil filters contain the element, incorporating the anti-drain back valve mechanism (and internal bypass valve 48108-1/48109-1), and are sealed in a disposable housing.
  • All sizes of spin-on filters are packed 12 per case of a single part number in heavy, re-shippable corrugated-board cartons.

Champion spin-on oil filters have a 1″ hex wrench pad spot-welded to a tough 8-gauge steel case designed to meet or exceed engine manufacturer specifications. Safety-wire tabs are conveniently located on hex nut for easy access.

High performance resin-impregnated cellulosic paper is manufactured to rigid specifications, assuring uniform density and porosity. The high quality media is preformed, convoluted and cured at a controlled temperature to form a durable, heat shock- and chemical-resistant filter medium. It provides both surface and scientific depth filtration because the oil flows through many layers of locked-in fibers. Filter material cannot migrate to clog engine oil passages or affect bearing surfaces.

Heavy-duty steel mounting plate is cemented, spot-welded, and crimped to case. Even under abnormal oil temperatures and pressures, this primary part of the filter ensures freedom from troublesome oil leakage when installed per instructions printed on the case. Our tough steel case provides exceptional strength to resist the high oil pressures which occur during cold engine starts, and meets or exceeds engine manufacturer specifications.

  • Silicone impregnated filter gasket aids in future removal.
  • Shorter stud length on CH 48110-1 for tight clearance applications.
  • Heavy, corrugated steel center tube supports each convoluted pleat of the filter element and produces a substantially higher collapse-pressure rating, twice that of other similar filters.
  • Maximum full-flow design, without interference from center-bolt oil filter assemblies, provides increased oil filtration each engine-operating hour.

Heavy-duty steel mounting plate is cemented, spot-welded and crimped to case. Even under abnormal oil temperatures and pressures, this primary, standard part of the filter assembly ensures freedom from troublesome oil leakage when the filter is installed according to the instructions printed on the case.

Champion oil filter elements are individually boxed, each with a plastic bag containing installation gaskets and instructions. This provides ample protection for these elements in storage and assures availability of necessary items for correct installation. Within the box you’ll find a wrench pad with 1′ hex, spot-welded to case, which handles torque pressures far beyond normal removal or installation requirements.

  • Shorter installed height – shortened can height by approximately ½”, with no impact to the filter media’s performance.
  • Improved spring – replaces old “leaf” spring with an improved coil spring design.
  • Thicker-walled can – increased wall thickness for improved structural integrity.
  • Stronger center tube – redesigned center tube for added strength with collapse pressures more than double the current design.
  • New inlet design – changed four-hole design to an eight-hole design for approximately 30% greater inlet flow area.
  • Increased lid thickness – increased thickness of seaming lid by approximately 35%, which subsequently provided for higher burst and impulse testing.
  • Improved baseplate thread – replaces cut thread with an improved rolled thread, without affecting tolerances on the thread dimensions.
  • By-pass valve – meets TCM specifications.

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May 19

Champion Spark Plugs have been the first choice of aviation technicians (aircraft maintenance technicians/ aviation maintenance technicians) since the very earliest days of aviation. When you ask a tech what spark plug they prefer and rely upon, they will most likely say Champion.

Advanced-engineered Champion Aerospace spark plugs are designed for the critical difference in performance, far beyond the ordinary. Champion spark plugs stand up to high temperatures, pressures, and deposits.

Longer lasting than platinum spark plugs, Iridium “S” plugs resist lead attack and provide better scavenging than standard platinum plug designs. Iridium “S” offers exceptional performance, even under the most demanding conditions.

As the preferred supplier of spark plugs for general aviation aircraft, Champion Aerospace designs, engineers and manufactures piston-engine ignition components for both OEM and aftermarket applications. Every spark plug manufactured has built-in design advantages that assure longer life and greater reliability.

• Two layers of corrosion protection. Nickel plating and high temperature epoxy paint.
• Fired glass seal provides positive retention of center wire and prevents gas leakage.
• Plated threads prevents seizing.
• Nickel alloy electrodes provide excellent resistance to spark and heat erosion.
• Plated threads prevents seizing.
• Fired in suppressor seal resistor prevents wear from voltage drain for prolonged plug life.
• Ceramic insulator has excellent thermal properties to resist cracking.

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