CT-475AV Spark Plug Service Unit Cleaner & Tester

For Cleaning: Two flexible rubber adapters handle 14 and 18mm plug types.

For Testing: Steel adapters of 14 and 18 mm are standard equipment and conveniently stored on the top of the cleaner for ready availability.

Molded of rugged A.B.S. plastic which is durable, oil resistant and easy to clean. An aluminum-base frame is included, which permits easy mounting to a workbench and quick removal. The solid-state ignition system produces a stable ignition test voltage providing greater accuracy and reliability. Its lack of moving parts eliminates the major cause of tester failures. Cleaning is by a dry-abrasive air blast, which quickly and effectively removes conductive deposits.
All compressed air for both cleaning and testing passes through a “built-in” automatic water trap to stop harmful airline moisture.


Height: 11 1/2 in./29.2cm
Width: 16 3/8 in./41.5cm
Depth: 12 1/8 in./30.7cm
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs./6.80kg
Color: Grey, Red, Black
Compressed Air Required: 125-180PSI/8.9-12.8kg/cm²
Electrical Requirements: 115V 60HZ 35W
Carton Size: 12 1/2 in. X 13 in. X 17 1/2 in./31.8 X 33.0 X 44.5cm
Note: Use 91893 abrasive charge only. (See following page for replacement parts list.)

Replacement Parts List

Water Trap 91010
Airline Section L2 91053
Steel Adapter 18mm 91096
Airline Section L5 91138
MIrror 91836
Rubber Adapter 14mm 91657 (5-502)
Abrasive Charge 91893
Steel Adapter 12mm 92043
Airline Section L3 92048
Rubber Adapter 18mm 92203 (5-503)
Red and Black Knob Kit 92401
Adapter Hold Down Cap 92463
Switch-Push Button 92487
Valve Stem, Knob & ‘O’ Ring 92548
Cleaner Valve Assembly 92746
Water Trap Bowl Kit 92784 (L300)
Cleaner Bag/Manifold Assembly 93095
Airline Section L1 93250
Steel Nozzle Jet 93274 (5-512)
Compression Chamber Assembly 93330
Electronic Control Module/ Switch & Leads 93415
Cleaner & Bag CT-475 Only 93453 Coil 93519
Rubber Nozzle Tip 94023 (622)
Hinge and Spring Kit 94245
Air Inlet Nipple/ Mounting Nut 94283
Airline Section L4 94306
Abrasive Shield 94486
Compression Gauge 94523
Shielding Barrel Contactor 94783 (8-683)
Cleaner Bag Model 800, 2400 8-813